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Children suffer when their parents are fighting.  Please watch the "Spare the Child" Video created by the Virginia State Bar Family Law Section if you have children and are in a legal battle with their other parent.

The Lynchburg Humane Society is a very worthy charity in our area.  They are presently raising funds to construct a new animal shelter in Lynchburg.  Please visit their website, learn about the important work they are doing to make Lynchburg a "no kill" community, and make a donation if you can.  Thank you.

One of Rob's hobbies is photography.  Check out some of his work by clicking on the "Pauley's Pictures" link above.

"So You're 18" - a handbook on your legal rights and responsibilities (created by the Virginia State Bar's Conference of Local Bar Associations)
"Senior Citizens Handbook" - Laws & Programs Affecting Senior Citizens in Virginia (created by the Virginia State Bar's Senior Lawyers Conference)